Morning Routines

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Morning Routines

John Lund, the consultant who writes the excellent “Lund Letter”, notes something important in his latest email blast.

“Smartphones are becoming the overwhelming means for waking up. The clock radio is becoming a relic for those who use their mobile phone alarm. Also, checking email and Facebook are becoming “first activities” in the morning.”

Obviously, nobody likes spam. I know this definition varies by recipient, but understanding that this new method of waking isn’t going away…wouldn’t an occasional (and worthy) email blast at 3 or 4 AM, detailing important topics that are about to be discussed, be an easy way to help with habit creation and reinforcement?

Just a thought.

Goodbye To A Legend

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After nearly 40 years as a family-owned Top 40 FM in Mobile, WABB has sold and will change formats on the last day of February, 2012.
Dittman Broadcasting always worked very hard to maintain the meaning behind the call letters: Alabama’s Best Broadcasters. It could have just as easily meant, America’s Best Broadcasters.

The level of talent that went through those doors over the years would be impressive in a much larger market…not to mention the ratings success.
Maybe it’s fitting that they’d go out on leap day since they always seemed to be leaps and bounds ahead of stations in cities twice their size. I was proud to be the voice of WABB for several years and having those call letters on my demo meant as much to me as any major market station.

Best wishes to the Dittman family and all the employees who will leave the shag-carpet-comfort (do they still have the shag carpet?) of the WABB studios for the last time in just a few days. You will be missed.

Smartphones Outsell PC’s For First Time

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Might be a good time to pull up your website and take a good look at it through the screen of your Droid or IPhone. According to Forbes ( ) smartphones have outsold pc’s for the first time. Included in the 414.6 million pc’s shipped in 2011 are the tablet sales numbers. Compare that to 487.7 million smartphones, an increase of almost 63% over 2010. Having a website that doesn’t function well (or at all) on a mobile device may be a much bigger problem soon.

Good game for football-related live broadcasts (or on-air)

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With the Super Bowl around the corner, here is a fun game for live broadcasts that makes it a little harder to cheat with a smartphone, so handing out sheets may be possible.

Name That Team:

1. Friends of ewes
2. Natural numbers
3. Ocean birds
4. Naked ones
5. Statements of debt
6. Seven squared
7. Greek giants
8. British autos
9. Autumn inmates
10. Indian bosses
11. Young horses
12. Blackbirds
13. Six rulers
14. King of beasts
15. 747’s
16. National birds
17. Residents of the Lone Star state
18. Toy appendages
19. The Beatified
20. Once a girl
21. Marauders
22. Jungle felines
23. Expensive corn
24. Sun burned epidermis
25. Extra point melees
26. Credit card users
27. Gauchos
28. Wild horses
29. Army insects
30. Movers
31. Thieves
32. The tanned ones


1. Rams
2. Cardinals
3. Seahawks
4. Bears
5. Bills
6. 49ers
7. Titans
8. Jaguars
9. Falcons